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Estate Planning

Estate planning is a thorough strategy for any person to manage his assets. It is not necessary for you to be wealthy or terminally ill. If you are a father, a mother, a husband, a wife, a senior citizen, a business owner, or a professional who would like to see your assets make a difference in the lives of your loved ones upon your death, Roseville estate planning is for you.

Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection planning is about protecting your assets from creditors or anyone looking to come after your money. A lawsuit could hit at any time. It could come from a car accident, credit card debt, a foreclosure from the bank, or an unhappy customer. The best way to protect your assets from creditors is to move it somewhere where they cannot reach it. Your attorney can help you develop an asset protection plan and teach you the best techniques to protect your assets.

Business Planning

Many business owners get so overwhelmed with the day-to-day operation of their business that they fail to properly plan for the future. Business planning allows a business owner to responsibly plan for retirement, the transfer of the business to a descendant, and even untimely illness or death. The right planning can establish a retirement income, reduce taxes, and provide for beneficial use of your assets upon your retirement or death.

The Law Office of Justin M Gilbert provides trust administration services

Trust Administration

A trust is established by an individual in order for him to dictate the managing of his assets by another person who is a called a “trustee.” The trustee must act in accordance with the rules put in place to manage the trust. Trust administration refers to the trustee’s management of the trust according to the established rules.

Medi-Cal Planning Attorney

There are a number of issues involved in Medi-Cal planning. They can include long-term care and disability planning, asset protection, and assistance in qualifying for the many government programs and benefits available. A proper understanding of elder law can make it possible for a senior to face the difficulties of the sunset years with dignity and financial responsibility.

The Law Office of Justin M Gilbert provides probate services

Probate Attorney

In California, the probate process is administered by the Superior Court and will take six months or more. This process is conducted after a person’s death in order to finalize his legal and financial affairs. Probate court can be very unpredictable and can become adversarial in nature. A good attorney can help you navigate through these potentially rough seas.


Protect Your Success

We understand that you are unique and have unique goals and objectives. If your estate plan or business plan is going to work, it requires an investment on our part to get to know you and your goals and objectives. We are committed to spending the time necessary to provide quality estate planning and business planning.

Here to Serve You

Our stature and growth in the Sacramento area has been due in no small part to our high level of ethics, keen legal knowledge, dedication, and the excellent legal outcomes we achieve. We are committed to meeting your needs legally with competent efficiency. We believe that every family has different needs, and we pride ourselves in offering tailored solutions to each client.

Your Timely Resource

Our goal is to offer legal counsel and to provide options that enable you to make informed decisions. One of the most important considerations in contacting an estate planning attorney and business planning is timing. Often the longer we wait the more limited our options become, and the fewer tools we can put to work on your behalf.

If you have questions about Estate Planning, Business Planning (Formation through Succession), Asset Protection, Charitable Planning, Special Needs Planning, Trust Administration and Probate, please call our office for an initial consultation with an estate planning attorney, or for the date of our next free public seminar.


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